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It’s always a team work. Together we set the initial goal that can be (and usually is) changed, modified or added to during our time together. My therapy style is eclectic. Every person is unique therefore your therapy sessions will be individually and uniquely tailored to meet your personal needs. We will work together so you will be able to reach your full potential.


We are social animals. Our inner world was shaped in groups ….  We become aware of our relational style and our self-expression in group settings. We can heal our interpersonal wounds through participating in groups. I offer two types of groups: Process Groups and Skills Groups.


If you have addictive personality then you know that everything that feels good can be a problem. Because you know how fast and easy you can find yourself in binging this feeling. Whether it is prescription medications, alcohol, drugs (illegal or legal) or just any normal activity really – with addiction tendencies everything can become a problem. Think for a second: shopping, eating, making sex (in all variations of it), browsing internet - are all normal and healthy activities. It becomes addiction only when you feel it’s negatively affecting other areas of your life, but you still are not able to stop. 
There are so many activities and substances that we can get addicted to. The key in treating it is not to address every activity, but to dig deeper and see where this binging tendency is coming from and what needs are being met by continuing this behavior. Only then person can go back to live a full life and feel free of any addiction. 


Want to learn how to better communicate with your partner? Wondering what happened to the trust in the relationship? Feeling like your partner "just doesn't get it"? I help couples to find answers to these and myriads other questions, to heal traumas, learn hot move on and find happiness together. I am also a big advocate for premarital counseling. My clients always find it very powerful and useful.  


Anxiety can take many forms. It might raise its head as crushing panic. It might manifest as the sickening flashbacks of post-traumatic stress disorder. Then again, it might hang around like an unwelcome houseguest as generalized anxiety, or trip us up as a baffling yet powerful phobia. Depression, too, is often fueled by unresolved anxieties. And certainly anxiety seems to be at the root of OCD and of at least some people’s descent into addiction or compulsion as ‘self-medication’. Yes, anxiety is a many-headed hydra. While there are many medications that will bring anxiety relieve, therapy is a must if you are determined to tame it for good.  


If you are experiencing strange symptoms that no one, including you, seems to be able to explain, they could be arising from a traumatic reaction to a past event that you may not even remember. You are not alone. You are not “crazy”. There is a rational explanation for what is happening to you. And yes, it is possible to diminish and/or even eliminate your symptoms. 

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